Finn Bálor Shared A Story About The Time He Nearly Lost His Leg

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11.11.16 2 Comments

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Finn Bálor is still on the shelf nursing the shoulder injury he suffered at SummerSlam, but he’s still kicking around giving interviews and talking about the other times he’s been hurt. So we’re lucky in that respect!

In an exclusive interview with during a recent Wizard World panel, Bálor shared the tale of the most horrifying injury he suffered in New Japan. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the concern of Bullet Club Underboss Bad Luck Fale, the Demon King might have lost as a result.

I got a kick in the shin and I remember after the match going “Damn. Did I get kicked in the shin?” and I couldn’t remember. Things happen in a match and the shin was sore. I went to bed woke up the next and shin was worse.

I showed it to the doctor and he said it was just a bad bang. Went to the trainer’s room, taped it all up. The trainer actually taped it up. The doctor saw it and the trainer saw it. Came back after the match and the masseuse was taking the tape off and I go “Man. This doesn’t feel normal. It’s really sore.” He just said “Nah, its nothing, just a kick. You’ll be fine tomorrow.”

I wake up the next day and I’m at the dojo and put my feet out of the bed and couldn’t put them on the floor. I think man this is some weird kick aftereffect I’m getting. Strong stuff.

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