Finn Bálor May Be Cleared To Return To WWE Next Month

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02.20.17 3 Comments

Ever since Finn Bálor went down with a shoulder injury on the evening he became the first Universal Champion, he has been trying to return to action in time for his first WrestleMania since moving up to the main WWE roster. He’s been proceeding according to plan to accomplish that goal, and although he wasn’t cleared by WWE doctors in time to appear at the Royal Rumble, he may be back on the road as early as March.

Our long national nightmare is nearly over, and soon we will all thrill once again to the sight of that impossibly ripped Irish sometimes-Juggalo. is already advertising Bálor for the following Live Events: March 10 in Buffalo, March 11 in Toronto, and March 26 in White Plains, NY (which is the Sunday before WrestleMania). For that last event, Bálor’s name appears on the event listing on the venue’s website, although his name does not yet appear on any match listings or “featured talent” lists on the sites for the venues in Buffalo or Toronto.

It’s possible that Bálor will just be making appearances on those nights, and it’s equally possible that his name got added to those dates in error due to the ever-present “card subject to change” caveat. But it’s probably most likely that Bálor is already on the verge of being ready, and those Live Events will be some tune-up matches before the biggest show of the year. Of course, that’s pure speculation on my part, but it’s speculation that makes sense.

This has been your daily reading of the Bálor tea leaves. Don’t actually drink the tea, though. It tastes like ancient Irish demon.

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