Finn Bálor Has Surrendered The WWE Universal Championship Due To Injury

Just a short time after news broke on Monday about Finn Bálor having suffered a shoulder injury during his match at SummerSlam, the worst has been confirmed. Raw general manager Mick Foley announced via Twitter that Bálor has voluntarily surrendered the title due to the extent of his injury.

Expect Raw to feature some pieces being moved around to determine who will be in the mix to become the new Universal Champion. Don’t be surprised if Seth Rollins is involved. It is unclear at this time whether a new champion will be crowned Monday night or if they will just begin to set up a new match for the vacant title.

Bálor suffered his shoulder injury when he was powerbombed into the ringside barricade by Rollins during their match on Sunday night.

Bálor appeared on GMA Monday morning, along with Charlotte, but he was slated for evaluation later on Monday. Obviously, that evaluation ended up being bad news. It is likely Bálor will require surgery to repair a torn labrum.