Finn Bálor Shares The Full Story Of His ‘Rollercoaster’ Championship And Surgery Week

What a long nine days it has been for Finn Bálor. The former NXT Champion appeared on his first WWE pay-per-view, became the first WWE Universal Champion, suffered an injury while winning that title, surrendered the belt the next night and underwent successful surgery to repair his shoulder. And that surgery was an ordeal in itself, as it ended up being more complicated than his doctors first anticipated.

On Sunday, Bálor took to Twitter to relay the entire story of what is almost certainly the most life-changing and surreal week of his life.

The great news, of course, is that the surgery was a success, that he’s already heading back to the Performance Center to start the long road back, and that the reaction to his eventual return is going to be completely off the charts. The terrible news is … well, basically everything else.

NXT fans are just now getting used to the fact that Hideo Itami is back after being on the shelf for a whole year with a shoulder injury of his own. The Itami story is a perfect example of just how much things in WWE can change while someone is on the disabled list. Bálor will likely have a top spot waiting for him on Raw when he gets back. We just hope the time will fly while he’s gone.