WWE Friday Night Smackdown Open Discussion Thread 1/10/20

Tonight, on the With Spandex WWE Friday Night Smackdown open discussion thread:

A trio of notable returns on the year’s first episode set the stage for a wild SmackDown as The Usos get back into the ring against King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler, and John Morrison joins “Miz TV” to expand on last week’s appearance. Lacey Evans also faces Sasha Banks as the rivalry heats up. (via WWE.com)

Last week’s show featured the returns of John Morrison, the Usos, and Sheamus all on the same episode, so unless they’re bringing back Charlie Haas, the Shining Stars, and Fit Finlay tonight, it should be business as usual. The Usos are back in action, the Evans vs. Banks rivalry “heats up” despite Banks taking a loss last week, and John Morrison’s showing up as a guest on Miz TV. How many tweets will I make about hoping Ricochet interrupts him? Too many! Miss you, Lucha Underground!

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