WWE Friday Night Smackdown Open Discussion Thread 1/17/20

Welcome to With Spandex’s open discussion thread for tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown. Here’s the company’s official preview for the show:

Roman Reigns and Robert Roode collide in a Tables Match for the right to choose the stipulation in The Big Dog’s match against King Corbin at Royal Rumble, John Morrison returns to the ring in a matchup against Big E and Lacey Evans finally gets her opportunity to battle Sasha Banks. Also, Kane is set to reemerge on an action-packed SmackDown.

A few points about what WWE says will happen this week:

  • “Former WWE Champion and current Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee” Kane is 52 and his most recent match was in November 2018! It looks like this return is mostly supposed to build hype for his Royal Rumble appearance.
  • RE: Reigns vs. Roode, the WWE website says that “WWE.com has now learned that the winner of tonight’s match will earn the right to choose the stipulation to Reigns’ match against King Corbin at Royal Rumble!” and I’m confused why they apparently had to make an effort to learn that? This is the official preview of the show? They should just tell you? You’re not a media outlet? Anyway, this all seems like maybe they forgot to make Reigns vs. Corbin at TLC a TLC match and decided to make up for that on the next PPV.
  • John Morrison vs. Big E is a promising matchup and an actual fresh one that didn’t happen in an indie two years ago.
  • Release the Sasha Banks rap album, please!

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