WWE Gaming Chairs From Clutch Chairz Are The Most Comfortable Way To Sit On Your Favorite Superstar

Pro Wrestling Editor
08.04.17 10 Comments


I mean, unless you can convince Brock Lesnar to sit still for several hours while you play Breath of the Wild.

The fine people at Clutch Chairz (with the Attitude Era-style “z”) make the best gaming chairs you can buy. That sounds like a straight-up ad, and yeah, it is, but they’re also officially endorsed by Stone Cold Steve Austin AND Titus O’Neil. If you need a broad spectrum of humanity to vouch for a product, how about the 6-foot-6 Mega Dad Of The Year and an ATV-riding redneck who I guarantee you hasn’t played a video game since Pole Position. Because wrestlers seem to love them so much — they’re the Zubaz pants of furniture, except a lot prettier — they recently launched a line of WWE Superstar chairs, with designs for legends like Stone Cold, The Rock and The Ultimate Warrior, as well as current video game friendly stars like The New Day, Sasha Banks and AJ Styles. And John Cena, of course, because he’s The Seating That Runs The Meeting.

We had a chance to put together and test a few of them, and I can’t say nice enough things. Before I shill them too hard, here’s a quick synopsis of what they are and why they’re so fancy. In case you’re the type who is like, “PAY for a CHAIR?? I’LL JUST SIT ON THIS PILE OF CARDBOARD BOXES.”

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