This ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Mashup Has WWE Superstars And Commentary And It’s Perfect

If there’s one thing that we always wish the WWE 2K games would have, it’s the ability to wander out into the street and attack normal people with bats and shovels and whatnot. If there’s two things we wish they would have, it’s the option of having John Cena ride a bike. Luckily, there’s a Grand Theft Auto V mod that takes photorealistic versions of WWE Superstars (possibly just the straight-up character models from 2K, and plunks them into the game as playable characters.

The YouTube channel GTAnarchy has been playing this mod for a while, taking Cena, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar through the streets of San Andreas and wreaking the appropriate amount of havoc. But somehow, it wasn’t until this week that someone thought to lay actual WWE commentary over the mayhem. Thanks to GameSpot, we now have exactly what we never knew we were missing until now. Enjoy this video, because it’s perfect.

Yes. Yes, this will do just nicely. And if you’re interested in seeing way, way, way more unadulterated footage of that WWE/GTA mod, feel free to comb through these two videos. There’s a lot of non-WWE stuff in there, but luckily even wild GTA V clips that DON’T involve wrestlers are still pretty fun.