The Celebrities Most Deserving Of Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame

03.02.17 1 year ago 14 Comments

We’re traveling down the Road to WrestleMania currently, which also means we’re approaching the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Though most of the class of 2017 has been announced, WWE has yet to reveal who will be joining their very prestigious imaginary Celebrity Wing.

Sure, the Hall of Fame isn’t a real brick and mortar building, and the award itself is a completely arbitrary determination that isn’t necessarily indicative of actual talent or contribution, but hey, if they can pretend, we can pretend. As such, here are ten celebrities who we think deserve to be in the Hall of Fame sooner, rather than later.

David Arquette

Is everyone still mad at David Arquette, or can we give up the ghost already and put the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion in the Hall of Fame? I mean, sure, it’s considered to be on of the lowest points in modern day wrestling, and yes, using his championship to promote 3,000 Miles to Graceland was real a thing that happened, but hey, people are still talking about it. WWE loves to rewrite WCW history, so why should this be exempt?

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