The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express Is The Next Inductee Into The 2017 WWE Hall Of Fame

It’s pretty fitting, given our own Brandon Stroud’s recent forays into the world of NWA, that the latest names announced for induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this year are two of Jim Crockett’s most dependable stalwarts, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. This comes as a welcome surprise, considering the Express was not one of the acts rumored to be part of this year’s class.

On Monday afternoon, WWE made the official announcement that Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson would be going into the Hall as a team. The RnRs have been wrestling together as a team since 1983 — when they were put together as a team by Jerry Lawler in Memphis — and continue to compete to this day. They helped define the very concept of modern tag team wrestling and were consistently one of the most beloved acts wherever they performed.

And they did perform EVERYWHERE. They wrestled for Jim Crockett Promotions, AWA, WCW, WWF, USWA, Mid-South, CWA, Smoky Mountain, and even TNA. And of course, they were part of Apocalypto with the Broken Hardys. They held championships in most of those places, as well. Morton alone has supposedly had 79 title reigns over the course of his career. As a team, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express held the NWA World Tag Team Championship once and the Mid-Atlantic version of the same title four times.

Please enjoy some classic RnRs!