WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny Was Arrested For DUI In A Walmart Parking Lot

According to a report from PWInsider, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was pulled over in a Walmart parking lot and charged with DUI on May 30.

Sytch allegedly entered the parking lot via an exit and hit the curb, drawing the attention of police. Her blood-alcohol level was 0.253 and she failed the field-sobriety test, so she was charged with DUI, careless driving and driving with a suspended license. The arrest wasn’t news until this week when a Pennsylvania newspaper reported on it, as Sunny didn’t mention her celebrity to police. Going forward, Divas should stay away from Walmart.

WWE hasn’t commented on the arrest, but they unfortunately already have a blanket Sunny statement:

“As part of the Former Talent Rehabilitation Program, WWE has sent Ms. Sytch to rehabilitation numerous times, with all costs covered by WWE. Unfortunately, Ms. Sytch has continued to make poor personal choices and is ultimately responsible for the consequences of these decisions. WWE has always provided rehabilitation at a certified treatment center; however, given Ms. Sytch’s inability to change her lifestyle and successfully complete treatment, WWE will no longer fund her rehabilitation.”

We continue to wish Sunny the best and hope she gets the help she needs.