WWE Has Added ‘And Stairs’ To The TLC Pay-Per-View Name. Seriously.

WWE’s TLC: Tables, Ladders And Chairs pay-per-view is now known as WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs And Stairs. This is not a joke.

On Monday’s episode of Raw, Big Show and Erick Rowan attacked each other with the ring steps. We’ve made jokes about how wrestlers suddenly attack their opponent with a specific weapon to build to TLC — if you’ve got a tables match, you’ll preface it with a week of table attacks; if you’ve got a chairs match, you’ll attack people with chairs, and so on — so we laughed at the idea of Show and Rowan having a “stairs match.” If you don’t watch wrestling, a “stairs match” isn’t a thing. It turns out that’s exactly what they’re doing. On this week’s Smackdown (spoiler alert), they announce Show vs. Rowan in a stairs match at TLC. Keep in mind that somebody gets thrown into the stairs in every other match and it’s fine. John Cena gets thrown into the ring steps more than he gets bodyslammed.

The new joke was, “they should call it Tables, Ladders, Chairs and STAIRS.” Funny joke. They’re doing that, too. Check out the above graphic, or this one.

In case you still think this is a Kayfabe News thing, head over to WWE.com and look for yourself. The “And Stairs” chaser has been added to half of the match graphics, but interestingly enough, the Stairs Match isn’t one of them. What’s going on over there?

Also, stop making jokes. When they said they were going to pay more attention to the Internet, they meant they were gonna steal its worst ideas.