WWE Is Releasing Some Amazing Hasbro-Style Retro Action Figures, So Prepare Your Feelings Of Nostalgia

The San Diego Comic Con is of course in full swing this weekend and there is some more phenomenal action figure news coming out of the biggest pop culture maelstrom of the year. In addition to Mattel’s SDCC exclusive figure of the Shockmaster — which of course has the greatest packaging of any WWE figure to date — the toy kingpin and WWE both revealed at the convention that they would be releasing an all-new line of retro action figures based on the old Hasbro toy designs of the early 1990s.

In a gallery posted to WWE.com, fans got to see an up-close first look at these incredible toys, which are sure to be a hot commodity with anyone who was around in the Hulkamania era and still watches the product. The first line will include Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Kevin Owens and throwback figures of Ultimate Warrior and the “New Generation” iteration of The Undertaker.


There are two indisputably iconic classic wrestling action figures (Wrestling Buddies don’t count): the LJN bendable figures of the mid-1980s and the Hasbro WWF figures that ran from 1990 to 1994. These new figures are nearly-identical recreations (most of them seem to have an additional point of chest articulation), right down to the spring-loaded “wrestling move” that is “unique” (not unique) to each figure.

As someone who owned and dearly loved the old Habro figures for Jake Roberts, Randy Savage, Brutus Beefcake and Ultimate Warrior, I will definitely be picking a few of these up the instant I have the chance. Well done, Mattel. Well done.

You can head over to WWE.com to see the full gallery of the toys.