A Pair Of WWE Wrestlers Are Training For Their Return From Injuries

We finally have Zack Ryder back on television, as the Hype Bro made his return to Smackdown Live last week, and will get a shot at the shot he won when he got injured next week. (Don’t ask.) And Braun Strowman, of course, is not finished with ANYONE yet. And the Revival are back on TV, too! But there are still a few WWE Superstars on the shelf, because no pro wrestling roster is ever completely injury-free at any given time.

According to PWInsider, two of those injured Superstars are already hard at work rehabbing and working on physical therapy in Birmingham, Alabama, in preparation for a return to action. The first is Darren Young, who suffered a real gross-looking elbow hyperextension that blew the guts out of the inside of his arm back in January. It’s wild how that “could be out of action for up to six months” totally turns into six months in a heartbeat, isn’t it?

The second wrestler rehabbing is Tommaso Ciampa, who underwent surgery pretty much immediately after becoming enemy No. 1 in NXT with one of the most soul-crushing betrayals of all time. Ciampa’s injury is an interesting case, because no one really knew what the deal was both leading into NXT TakeOver: Chicago, and even when it was reported he needed surgery. So long story short: Young is probably very close to returning, and Ciampa is probably [shrug emoji].

Regardless, we hope both men return soon, especially because we want to be able to boo Ciampa lustily once again.