WWE Is Asking Fans Why They Hate Roman Reigns In A Delicately Worded Poll

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02.17.15 63 Comments

Since Roman Reigns’ Royal Rumble win in January, much of our coverage here at With Spandex has revolved around the backlash and constant questioning of the decision. I’m talking ours and yours. Whether it’s going back in time for an explanation, interviews about the future or simply an ultimate mashup of his goofiest moments, Y U NO LIKE ROMAN has dominated the conversation.

WWE’s trying to figure it out on television and make sure everyone’s happy, but they’re not above whipping up a badly-worded WWE App poll they can work to say whatever they want. Seen here is an actual screen from last night’s RAW Second Screen asking why some fans hate Roman, or, more delicately, “Why do you think many in the WWE Universe are reluctant to support Roman Reigns?” This poll could run for Congress.

(screenshot via @indiandeathlock)


1. “They like Daniel Bryan better.” It has nothing to do with Roman Reigns. He’s fine!

2. “They don’t like Reigns’ speaking style.” It’s not Roman’s fault. He’s doing those promos on purpose. Fans just don’t like his “style,” which, I guess, is forgetting lines, getting his words mixed up and saying asinine sh*t written by a crazy old man.

3. “They don’t appreciate his in-ring performances.” Don’t like Roman’s matches? Well THAT’S ON YOU because they’re great and people don’t appreciate them. The difference in “don’t enjoy” and “don’t appreciate” is so damn specific.

4. “They’re jealous, plain and simple.” The Bella Twins answer. Don’t want to think about this problem or fix it in any way? ACCUSE JEALOUSY.

What’s funny is that all four answers could be construed as “they’re jealous.” They just don’t get his promo style. They don’t know how to properly watch his matches. They’re jealous. They want their guy, not ours, because they just don’t get it. There isn’t an “all of the above” option, but there should be, whether it’s to say “Roman’s bad at all of this” or “ugh, you’re just a hater.”

Let me try a similarly constructed poll:

Why do some correct people in the WWE Universe think Daniel Bryan is overrated?

– They’ve noticed his unacceptable height.
– They admire people who’ve worked hard on their bodies and tan.
– Thousands of fans at various live events across the country over a period of several years are just smarks who are going into business for themselves.
– Please buy WWE® brand products.

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