WWE Is Asking Which Superstar Should Date Taylor Swift And Yes, Jerry Lawler’s One Of The Choices

Here’s something that is definitely not creepy!

Because of last night’s Grammy Awards and a general need to attach itself to unrelated pop culture like a leech, WWE.com is running a poll asking which Superstar would you like to see Taylor Swift date. Some of the choices are harmless Tumblr-baiters — Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose — and some are Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. Seriously.

Spoiler alert: He’s currently in third place.


Of all the choices, I think Viktor is the weirdest. It feels like maybe Viktor privately told a Dot Com guy how much he loved ‘1989’ and got tossed in as a rib. Although now that I think about it, how awesome would it be if tall-ass Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend was a tiny little screaming guy in shoulderpads? Her next album would feature a bunch of vague references to some guy with Egyptian facepaint and Oh No They Didn’t would be all, “YOU CAN TOTALLY TELL WHO THIS IS ABOUT.”

If you want the real answer to this question:

Heath Slater. A ginger who plays guitar and has bad relationships with women. He’s like Ed Sheeran with a severe concussion.