WWE Will Do Regular Live Network Specials And May Revamp The Slammy Awards

Lately, WWE seems to making an actual effort to give wrestling fans something other than NXT and the monthly pay-per-views to watch on the WWE Network. They recently had the Network-exclusive Elimination Chamber, and they’re planning a fairly rad-sounding special from the Sumo Hall in Tokyo on July 4.

Well, get used to these kind of specials because we’ll be getting more of them. According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE is planning to do a big WWE Network special at least every quarter, and quite possibly more often.

In a related note, WWE is considering a major revamp of the Slammy Awards. Instead of just cramming them in between matches on Raw, the plan is to rent a theater and do a dedicated special, similar to annual Hall of Fame ceremony. The Slammys could certainly do with a little more class, and even if they don’t get any better, at least they’ll be easier to ignore on the Network.

If these specials go ahead, I’d say an all-women’s wrestling show is a must. I also wouldn’t mind other specials from interesting locations. Televise a show with some unique matches from one of WWE’s European or Middle Eastern tours. What about you? What kind of WWE Network specials would you like to see?

via Wrestling Observer