James Ellsworth Is Hoping To Enter The Royal Rumble And Eventually Wrestle The Miz

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10.21.16 20 Comments


James Ellsworth, the scrappy underdog who became this generation’s Colin Delaney by losing in spectacular fashion to Braun Strowman this summer, just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The man (with two hands) got himself a WWE Championship match against AJ Styles last week on Smackdown, and won! (By disqualification.) He also has his very own official WWE T-shirt, which is No. 6 on the WWE Shop best-seller charts right now, beating out shirts by Goldberg and Randy Orton, among others. (But come on, how many people do you see walking around in Randy Orton shirts?)

The chinless wonder is also in high demand on the interview circuit right now, and the long-suffering veteran is pretty adept at dishing out the gold. In a recent edition of the Hit the Ropes Radio Podcast, Ellsworth talked about how believe it or not, Gillberg is a family friend that he’s currently teaming with on the indies, and about what he wants to do next in WWE:

What’s your next venture in the WWE?

“A lot of the fans wanna see a rematch between [Braun] Strowman and I. I just wanna give the fans what they want. And the majority of fans on Twitter want me to get an entry to the Royal Rumble, which would be totally fine with me. It would be so cool. So I’m big into giving fans what they want. So I hope I enter into the Rumble.”

Did I hear you say a rematch with Strowman?

“That’s one of the things fans have tweeted about, but I personally would like to work with the Miz. He did drop me on the ramp about a month ago, and I haven’t really seen that since. If I’m going to be on Smackdown Live, I’d like to seek revenge, I guess.”

Yeah, I think at this point we can safely assume Ellsworth will be entered into the Royal Rumble when it comes to the Alamodome in January. Like … he’s definitely in the Rumble, right? There’s no way they’re going to leave that crowd reaction on the table. Heck, he may just win the thing by being unconscious in a heap in one corner while … I dunno, Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor eliminate each other. And then we get a three-way match at Fastlane that he’ll lose!

Man, I’m good at this.

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