Well, At Least WWE Fans In Japan Appreciate Roman Reigns

Senior Editor, Sports
07.04.17 5 Comments


A whole lot of pro wrestling fans don’t enjoy and don’t appreciate Roman Reigns. Or they claim they don’t enjoy him, anyway. In person, he’ll tell you it’s always a different story. Regardless, Reigns has been on the receiving end of vociferous boos from arenas around the world for a couple of years now.

During his lengthy feud with Braun Strowman, Reigns has become used to hearing loud chants of “THANK YOU STROWMAN” any time Braun lays out or otherwise inflicts harm upon Roman. (And this happens with some regularity.) But during this past weekend’s shows in Japan, the Tokyo crowd and Roman had a mutual lovefest in the center of the ring. (Not like that, you perverts.)

Yes, those are “THANK YOU ROMAN” chants. While New Japan was over in Long Beach, California, Roman Reigns was soaking in the adulation of the Japanese wrestling faithful. It probably feels very, very good for him. Of course, knowing the Big Dog, he would probably claim he doesn’t care much either way.

Also knowing the Big Dog, it is possible that immediately after this video ended, he sternly told all of the fans in attendance to get out of his yard, and that he was considering pressing trespassing charges. For being in his yard. But that’s purely speculation.

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