WWE Jingle Bells: If You Didn’t Hate Wrestling Before, This Might Do The Trick

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.05.12 117 Comments

My two favorite things in the world are probably:

1. Christmas, and

2. Wrestling

At the same time, I can’t stand when those two things come together, be it a “Tribute to The Troops” special where Divas wrestle in Santa suits and Santa gets the stunner or whatever or my aunt getting me an XXL John Cena t-shirt from K-Mart because she knows I like wrestling, but hasn’t seen or talked to me in like five years.

So I have to warn you: I’m about to show you a video of the WWE roster singing a WWE-themed version of Jingle Bells with a charity chaser, and it is gleeful and magical and filled with wonder and I am going to throw myself through the window. Video is below. Human brain and heart discretion is advised.

Here is an emoticon to express my feelings: -_-

The best part of the video is easily Tamina in the background of the Prime Time Players part, making that exact same face:

[h/t to Lord Barvis, the jerk]

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