Job Opportunities: Another Look Back At Some Of WWE’s Most Memorable Losers

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This tournament is DELIGHTFUL!

The first edition of our Job Opportunities column took a look back at 10 of WWE’s most memorable losers who’d go on to become huge stars in professional wrestling. After a week dipping into the fountain of youth that is World Championship Wrestling, we decided to go back to WWE and explore the lush history of the Worldwide Leader in Enhancement Entertainment.

So, as promised, here are ten more faces you would’ve never guessed would become some of the biggest stars in pro wrestling and sports-entertainment. If you dig these columns and want to see them continues — and lord knows they can — drop down into our comments section to let us know, and to share in the conversation about the sports of kings’ most unsung heroes. At some point we’ll get to, “memorable losers who never became big stars,” and you might see your friend’s uncle in here.

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