Job Opportunities: A Look Back At Some Of WWE’s Most Memorable Losers

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One of the most popular features in our WWF Superstars 1992 retrospective is the “jobbers of the week” category, where we snap pics of the guys brought in to lose to the stars — truly some of the worst looking and named wrestlers you’ve ever seen — and riff on them. Future WCW star Perry Saturn showed up as “Peter Motts” a couple of weeks ago, and it got me thinking; why not go back through the past 40 years of wrestling history and cherry pick some of the funniest jobbers who went on to become household names?

So that gives us Job Opportunities, a new (hopefully recurring) column where we remember when The Shield didn’t have a handle, the American Dragon was still a petrified egg, and the Bucks were even younger.

To start the column off, here are ten faces you would’ve never guessed would become some of the biggest stars in pro wrestling and sports-entertainment. I can’t wait to revisit this a few years from now when some random guy getting beaten up backstage by Braun Strowman on Raw wins the NXT Championship in the best match we’ve ever seen.

Jon Moxley

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Before he was a Death Rider, a Lunatic Fringe, or even a “Streetdog,” Jon Moxley was a mild-mannered tag team wrestler with cotton candy hair competing against the Tag Team Champions, MNM, on Velocity. You can watch that here.

His partner? “Brad Taylor,” who joins recent Raw enhancement talent Randy Taylor as 2/3 of the Home Improvement kids wrestling Triforce. In case you’re wondering, yes, there was also a Mark Taylor on Raw, although he only counts because they got a team’s last names mixed up. As far as I can tell, their dad never made it to the big leagues.

Mox’s second jobber appearance turned out even more memorable, thanks to him showing up with pastel pink hair for a Sunday Night Heat match against Val Venis.