John Cena’s Webseries Highlights How Much He Really, Really Loves Cars

WWE Superstar John Cena loves cars. Like, really, really loves cars. No, not quite like that. And uhh … definitely not like that (we hope). Think of it more like “John Cena loves cars as much as he loves not putting babies in Nikki Bella.”

Cena debuted his own webseries earlier this year, and already he’s flooded the Bella Twins YouTube channel with more rides and rims than, well, the aforementioned episode of My Strange Addiction I suppose.

In John Cena: Auto Geek, the 16-time world champ takes you through his staggering car collection, one machine at a time. Even if you don’t like cars, nobody is immune to the morning show version of Cena where he turns into a complete and total goober. To wit, here he is showing off his “LamborGREENi”:

Get it? Because it’s a Lamborghini? And it’s GREEN? Oh Cena, you total dork. That car costs more than I make in a year, but he’s just so charming about it.

In his latest video, Cena shows off something that is red, Italian, beautiful, and a beast. That sound you hear after he says “Ferrari” is Nikki’s heart dropping:

Whether you’re a gearhead or not, we’re always wholeheartedly in favour of more goofy Morning Show Cena being put out into the world.

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