Watch WWE Superstar John Cena Deadlift Jimmy Fallon Just Because He Can

06.10.17 2 years ago 10 Comments

John Cena is so strong. “HOW STRONG IS HE?” you, the audience at home may ask. Well, John Cena is so strong that he can deadlift almost anything. No, seriously. The 16-time WWE World Champion stopped by The Late Show to promote the second season of his Fox reality competition American Grit, premiering Sunday. Cena hopes that the changes to the upcoming season will help regular fans at home connect better with the contestants than they did previously, and wants Americans to “find their grit”.

When discussing the changes to the physical competitions, the topic of Cena’s epic core strength inevitably came up. Fallon was suitably aghast that Cena spent his 40th birthday at Hard Nocks South in Florida deadlifting 602lbs. “Why?” might be your follow-up question. As Cena – a known fan of unorthodox celebrations – points out, “Because I’m John Cena.” If lifting someone full of hot air isn’t impressive enough, check out the video of the birthday boy’s feat of strength:

John Cena has no problem exhibiting his freakish physical abilities. Remember the time he pulled a 747 jumbo jet? And raised money for cancer while he was at it? Like oh my god, we get it, you’re really strong and also funny and charming and caring. Save some admirable qualities for the rest of us, my dude.

American Grit returns June 11 at 9 p.m. ET. John Cena himself returns to lifting wrestling belts above his head on WWE Smackdown July 4th.

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