John Cena Landed A Lead Role In A Comedy Film That Sounds Amazing

John Cena is currently on hiatus from WWE to film the second season of American Grit, but that’s only one branch of his ever-increasing assault on Hollywood. You may have noticed that the dude has been EVERYWHERE lately, from the ESPYs, to variety shows, to being courted for big-budget superhero flicks. And that’s when he’s not stealing scenes in blockbuster films or causing SNL ladies to have impure thoughts.

Now, Cena is set to play one of the three lead roles in an upcoming movie that has a pretty impeccable comedy pedigree. So he’ll be taking even more time off from wrestling in the future, but if this movie lives up to expectations, it will be super duper worth it. According to Variety, Cena has signed on to star alongside Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz in The Pact, an amazing twist on the coming-of-age “let’s all lose our virginities” teen comedy.

The film follows three parents who, upon discovering that their daughters have made a pact to lose their virginities on prom night, go out and try and stop them before it’s too late.

Yes, Cena will play an angry-ass dad who is frantically trying to prevent his child from boning down. I absolutely cannot wait. The film will be the directorial debut of Kay Cannon, who wrote both Pitch Perfect films, was a writer and producer on 30 Rock, and is currently an executive producer and writer on New Girl. And if you’re not familiar with Barinholtz, he plays Nurse Morgan on The Mindy Project, where he is also a writer. Plus, he wrote The Rock’s recent hit Central Intelligence, so you know he’s gonna give Cena some tips on how to become the more square-headed Rock.

It’s about to become John Cena’s world. At least we’re already used to living in it.