John Cena ‘Insisted’ On Being Pinned By Bray Wyatt On Smackdown

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02.16.17 19 Comments

Some of y’all like him and some of y’all don’t like him, but at the end of the day, John Cena ate two pinfalls from new WWE Champion Bray Wyatt this week; one at the Elimination Chamber and one on Smackdown. They’re in the record book and everything.

This comes on the heels of Cena being out of the world title picture for an extended period of time, being off television for an extended period of time, and losing clean to Dean Ambrose on live television. In other words, the reality of late-era John Cena, Guy Who Doesn’t Mind The Odds Occasionally Overcoming Him, is finally here. More or less.

On this week’s episode of Sean Waltman’s AfterBuzz TV show, X-Pac related the story of being backstage at this week’s Smackdown and hearing directly from AJ Styles that Cena more or less demanded he take the pinfall in Tuesday’s Triple Threat match.

“[AJ Styles] came up and he went, I was watching your show and he goes, ‘I just wanted to tell you what you said about John Cena being the man and the best [wrestler around]: you’re a hundred percent correct.’ He goes, anyone that doesn’t agree with you, it’s because they don’t really know John Cena and have never been in the ring with him.

“I’m not sure what the finish was supposed to be for the match [on Smackdown]. But I know this for a fact, that John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over again last night, insisted on it. That’s not just a rumor.”

Big Match Best For Business John, that’s his new nickname. It flows so trippingly off the tongue, too. The character of John Cena has been the cause of so much frustration and vexation over the years, but the 2016/2017 version of Cena has been so wonderful, and is clearly enjoying legitimate stars like Styles and Wyatt being in a place where they can slide into his role of Place-Running Face.

It’s the future, everyone! It’s here!

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