John Cena Warned Shaq To Watch Out For The New And Improved Big Show

WrestleMania 33 is exactly two months away, and the only match that we know for sure, for real is happening is Shaquille O’Neal vs. The Big Show. Big Show has been mostly off television for the past few months, and he’s spent that time getting in inarguably the best shape of his life. He’s dropped well over 100 pounds, and DUDE HAS ABS NOW Y’ALL.

But he not only has new guns and improved definition; Big Show is apparently extra motivated this year, because he feels like he has something to prove.

TMZ caught up with John Cena and asked him about the upcoming Shaq vs. Big Show showdown. The question was enough to stop Cena in his tracks and go into full serious hype mode, because his friend Big Show is BRINGING IT, JACK.

“I just got to hang out with Shaq, filming Carpool Karaoke, and Shaq is such an awesome dude. Don’t underestimate Big Show. [Big Show is] taking it very seriously, and he is in great shape. I’ve known Show for 15 years, and he has truly transformed his body. I think he’s got something to prove this year at WrestleMania, and keep in mind, this is a guy that two years ago was serenaded by the audience [with] chants of ‘Please retire.’ And I know that kind of hit him close. I know he’s busting ass to make sure he makes his mark on WrestleMania.

“So Shaq, I loved hanging out with you, and it was a bunch of fun, my man Show’s gonna take it serious. So if you want hype, that’s hype.”

I think Big Show is one of those wrestlers that fans won’t truly appreciate until he’s gone. Few wrestlers in history have had the combination of staying power and charisma that Show has had, and basically zero big men have done what he’s accomplished.

It’s clear that Show has a fire lit under his ass for this match, and we might be gearing up for a new greatest celebrity match of all time. Big Show already made magic happen once before with Floyd Mayweather. We can only imagine what heights the new, ripped-as-hell Big Show can take Shaq to.

(via TMZ)