WWE Just Realized Who Ronda Rousey Is And They Want Her Bad

As you may recall, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and Pokémon Master Ronda Rousey made a guest appearance at WWE SummerSlam. All she did was sit in the front row with her fellow “Four Horsewomen” (MMA fighters Shayna Baszle, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir) and get an in-cahoots hand signal from Stephanie McMahon during her ring entrance. She hung around long enough to take pictures with people and help Steph do her ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, and that was that.

If you’ve been following Ronda’s UFC career, you’ll know that she’s so far above her competitors that she can defeat them in a single GIF. It’s embarrassing. She’s got a promising movie career on the horizon whether The Expendables 3 bombed or not, and aside from Cyborg showing up clean and monkeys flying out of my butt, trouncing Gina Carano is all she’s got left to do in WMMA. So what’s next? Jumping ship to WWE?

Yes, probably. Via D-Meltz at the Wrestling Observer:

From what I was told as far as WWE went, there were people in WWE who had talked about a Four Horsewomen thing at SummerSlam, but the ideas fell on deaf ears because the key people in WWE now know nothing about UFC, even though several of the wrestlers are huge fans and Natalya has trained with them. But now everyone knows them, and Stephanie, in particular … was talking them up and the feeling is Rousey will get an offer to do something.

The rub I guess is that sure, Ronda would kill these girls, too, but if things got bad enough they could just write someone to be her equal. UFC doesn’t really have that option. If Rousey’s got a love for the sport-entertainment and wants to go for it, the sky’s the limit. She’s got the look, the athleticism and the crossover appeal to instantly be the most over, popular and legit WWE Diva. And hey, if she wants to be a movie star while she’s doing it, WWE has no problems giving movie stars months or years off at a time and shuffling them right back into WrestleMania main-events.

Alicia Fox should probably stock up on Advil.