WWE Just Released Five Developmental Wrestlers You’ve Never Heard Of

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08.01.14 34 Comments

The second round of cuts begins~!

Back in June, WWE released almost a dozen Superstars, personalities and referees. We lost 2 out of 3MB, Teddy Long and elder statesman JTG, among others. Now, following a reported $14.2 million quarterly loss, WWE is at it again. The first victims? Huge Superstars like … well, you’ve probably never heard of these guys.

The most notable cut is Garret Dylan, aka Adam Rose’s Rosebud “Captain Comic,” aka the son of music and film legend Kris Kristofferson. To date, Dylan’s biggest role had been in the Comic persona, going up against another son-of-a-famous-guy who recently got cut, Camacho. He recently reappeared with a warthog on his ass in a losing effort to Mojo Rawley, and I guess that was the end.

Also cut:

Travis Tyler – The guy getting suplexed. He was a regular jobber presence on NXT, and I made a lot of fun of him for not wearing a cup.

Mac Miles – You may know him as “the guy who never tagged in in this week’s Ascension squash.” You may also not know him at all.

Slate Randall – A journeyman independent wrestler best known for appearing on The Rock’s TV show The Hero. He was Dean Ambrose’s first tag team partner in WWE, but the closest he got to television was a pair of dark matches for ECW and a dark match NXT loss to Yoshi Tatsu.

Dani Jax – A developmental Diva. No idea. If you google “Dani Jax WWE” all you get is news reports about her being fired.

We’ll keep you updated as the releases come in. If they drop Wesley Blake, we riot.

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