WWE’s Kane, Knox County Mayoral Candidate, Had Strong Takes On The Vols’ Coaching Hire

Tennessee’s athletic department thought it had wrapped up its coaching search early Sunday afternoon when it signed an agreement with Ohio State defensive coordinator (and former Rutgers and Tampa Bay head coach) Greg Schiano.

Then, news of the hire broke on Twitter and the backlash that ensued from Tennessee fans was swift and nearly absolute in rejection of the hire. There were many reasons fans didn’t like the Schiano hire, but the one that got the most play and created the most controversy was the deposition of former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary that Schiano had been aware of Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulting young boys while he was at Penn State.

It’s a claim Schiano has denied and he was never asked to testify during Sandusky’s trial, but the headline was enough to spark widespread outrage at the hire from the Volunteer faithful. Numerous Tennessee politicians took to social media to voice their disapproval of the hire and pleaded with athletic director John Currie to move on from Schiano and continue the coaching search elsewhere, which is what eventually happened.

Among those Tennessee politicians that took to Twitter and Facebook was Glenn Jacobs, better known as WWE’s Kane. Jacobs is running for mayor of Knox County, and he made his feelings on the hire known on Sunday afternoon.

It’s still a little weird that Kane, a literal demon in pro wrestling, is running for mayor, but once you get past that, this is just good politicking from Jacobs. He recognized where the constituents sat on the issue and came out strongly on their side, but didn’t stop there. He hit people with the “people are smarter than elites give us credit for,” which you better believe will play in Vol country, and insisted the Tennessee job can still be a dream job for the right person.

What I’m saying is, Glenn Jacobs aka Kane aka The Devil’s Favorite Demon, is one helluva politician despite being relatively new to the gimmick.