The Spirit Squad’s Kenny Has Been Fired From His Day Job For Working WWE Dates

If you’ve been watching Smackdown Live in the past couple of months, you know that the Spirit Squad, of all factions, has popped up again (in a truncated form). They were re-introduced by the Miz as an insult-in-human-form for Dolph Ziggler, and have stuck around ever since. But Kenny and Mikey still have to pay the bills when they’re not picking up these WWE dates. For Kenny, however, that just got a little more tricky.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports
that Kenny had been working as a director for a non-profit charity, but was fired due to missing “an excessive amount of days” while traveling to work his Smackdown Live dates. According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the Spirit Squad lifer was totally understanding (as he should be), and knew this was a risk he was taking, but the chance of being signed to a contract again was worth losing his day job over.

About that: Kenny hasn’t been signed to a WWE contract yet. He and Mikey are still working date to date, and there’s no word on whether any of the higher ups have been interested in keeping either member of the Spirit Squad around once the Miz’s feud with Dolph Ziggler has ended. The good news? THE MIZ’S FEUD WITH DOLPH ZIGGLER WILL NEVER END. Seriously, we could be living in WALL-E times and Dolph and Miz would be floating by in the background, trading lame insults.

Maybe the craziest part about this whole story, though? Kenny is still only 30 years old. That’s totally mind-boggling. I guess there’s plenty of time left for him to get another WWE contract or get another full-time job. The world is your oyster when you’re 30! Things start going downhill at about 35 though, so you’ve been warned, you youngsters.