Kevin Owens Attacked His Former Best Friend Chris Jericho In Germany

If you’re anything like us, you’re still trying to recover from one of the most nefarious acts of the modern age: the assassination of the Festival of Friendship by the coward Kevin Owens. Owens, of course, betrayed his best friend Chris Jericho on Raw two weeks ago during an event specifically meant to honor said friendship, and wrecked Y2J to such an extent that Jericho had to be taken to a local medical facility. That’s the worst thing that can happen in wrestling.

Based on the official storyline via, Jericho (who has been off television since the Festival of Friendship sneak attack) is far too injured to compete on WWE’s just-completed tour of Germany, but he made a special surprise appearance in the ring during the tour’s stop in Regensburg. Jericho showed up on crutches and in a neck brace, but he didn’t even get a chance to add anyone’s name to his list before his former best friend arrived and once again ruthlessly attacked him.

Luckily, WWE officials stepped in to pull Owens away, but Jericho has now taken another pop-up powerbomb on his already poor, ruined body. In fact, Jericho actually had to be stretchered out.

Pray for Chris Jericho, people. It’s not like he’s Roman Reigns or anything. A normal person can’t withstand these type of sustained attacks.