WWE Is Bringing Back King Of The Ring For Next Week’s Raw

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Get ready for Baron Corbin in a cape and crown, ladies and gentlemen!

WWE announced the return of the popular King of the Ring tournament during a commercial break on Monday night’s edition of Raw. The tournament will happen (or at least begin?) on next week’s Raw, marking the first time the King of the Ring tournament has happened in WWE since 2015.

No info yet on who will compete in the tournament or if they’ll win anything beyond the nickname “king” and some costume props, but it’s cool to see nonetheless. King of the Ring happened yearly from its inception in 1985 (won by Don Muraco) until 2002 (won by Brock Lesnar). There wasn’t another tournament until 2006, won by Booker T in one of the most famous and best adoptions of the “king” gimmick. After that, the event happened infrequently, occurring only four times between 2006 and 2015. The most recent champion was Bad News Barrett, so hopefully they’ll bring him back, motorized lecturn and all, for the tourney.

WWE has been considering bringing back the concept for a while now. Last year they briefly advertised a United Kingdom version of the tournament, which gave way to rumors that they were planning a women’s version — “Queen of the Ring” — for 2019.