Kofi Kingston Will Be Out Of Action After Undergoing Ankle Surgery

When The New Day were made the “official hosts of WrestleMania,” the consensus fan reaction was disbelief that WWE couldn’t find anything worthwhile for the extremely popular act to do, match-wise. It was curious that they wouldn’t be inserted into the triple threat ladder match, since they were (at the time) one of only four tag teams on the roster. And although they debuted Final Fantasy-themed ring gear at the event and teased entering the match at the last minute, that ended up being a smokescreen for the return of the Hardys.

Now everything seems to be a bit clearer, as WWE.com announced Monday that Kofi Kingston has undergone ankle surgery. The kayfabe explanation is that the debuting Revival injured his ankle in their post-match attack last week, which is definitely a nice touch. We suspected that Kofi might be on the shelf after Big E tweeted out this picture last week.

WWE.com says that Kofi will be out for “several weeks.” So there’s a built-in blood feud with the Revival, should they choose to go that route (and if both teams are on the same brand following Monday night’s Superstar Shake-Up). And suddenly a lot of things are very clear: New Day not being in a WrestleMania match but still getting a featured spot on the show, the team of Xavier Woods and Big E teaming to take on the Revival, the post-match attack … all the pieces have fallen into place.

We wish you a speedy recovery, Kofi. Please get well soon.