Kofi Kingston Needed Nine Stitches After Being Busted Open On WWE Raw

On Monday night’s episode of Raw, The New Day faced off against Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson in a tag team championship rematch from Sunday’s Clash of Champions pay-per-view, because WWE was going up against the most-watched presidential debate of our lifetimes, so who cares really.

Unexpectedly, the end of that match turned into a bloodbath when Kofi Kingston’s face was sliced open and he ended up picking up the pinfall with a legit crimson mask. You can watch the end of that match below, in glorious WWE black and white “Whoops There’s Blood-Vision.”

This was no little cut, either, as it needed nine stitches to close after the match. WWE.com uploaded a gallery of Kingston being stitched up, as is standard procedure now when this happens. At least this time, the gallery featured Kingston’s New Day teammates mugging behind him. Kofi also cross-posted the picture on his Instagram account, indicating he’s looking forward to continuing his team’s record-setting championship reign.

For comparison, Randy Orton’s disgusting SummerSlam cut from Brock Lesnar needed 10 staples to get closed up. Any scientist can tell you that staples are stronger than stitches, but I think the two wounds are pretty comparable. So let’s get Kofi into one of those Vince McMahon-approved “legit tough guy” world championship reigns.