WWE Legend Shawn Michaels Wants To Get You Hype For The San Antonio Spurs

04.27.15 3 years ago 6 Comments

Shawn Michaels loves the San Antonio Spurs, and who better to speak for the passion and hard work of the average blue collar Spurs fans than the millionaire famous for being on TV Well… nobody, apparently, as evidenced by the pre-game hype video for Game 4 between the Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Michaels is a long-time Spurs season ticket holder, having gone to games with his dad for many years. He’s even admitted that many of his first dates with his wife were at Spurs games (which sounds a lot better than clandestine parking lot grope session during Nitro tapings, I’m sure).

The Spurs would go on to lose 114-105, leaving the series tied at 2-2. Two of the next three are in Los Angeles, so San Antonio might want to pack some superkicks for the road. Yes, I am suggesting they literally kick the Clippers in the face to win their playoff series. No, I don’t know how the NBA feels about that, but it makes total sense to me. I mean, remember when Michaels kicked a mascot in the face? Why would’t I think that’s totally okay?

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