Linda McMahon Has Been Confirmed As Head Of The Small Business Administration

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At this point it was pretty academic, but the Associated Press reported on Tuesday that Linda McMahon has officially been confirmed to head up the Small Business Administration as part of Donald Trump’s cabinet. This comes after her truly bizarre confirmation hearing last month, where literal United States senators wouldn’t stop making wrestling goofs.

McMahon, longtime friend of Trump, was approved by a final Senate vote of 81-19, making her one of the least contested picks to the Trump cabinet. In a weird twist of fate (Hardy Boyz reference), the two Democrats who defeated McMahon in her two bids for the Connecticut senate, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, both voted her in. Aw, that’s nice!

Right after the Presidential election in November, there was some brief scuttlebutt that McMahon might be up for Secretary of Commerce, which is … you know, a higher position. But since Linda and Vince grew WWF from a small underground backwoods collective of bareknuckle brawlers in smoke-filled bingo halls to the biggest and most important thing of all time, or whatever. So yeah, Small Business Administration.

This concludes our longform thinkpiece about how professional wrestling actually has a lot in common with our current political landscape, if you really think about it.