Five More Women Have Been Announced For The WWE Mae Young Classic

Last week, WWE dropped the first four names on us for July’s Mae Young Classic women’s tournament. It was a nice mix of “well obviously she’s in it” and “Princess Sugehit,” and now it appears the confirmed names will begin to fly fast and furious. Like Princess Sugehit!

On Thursday, announced the next five participants in the tournament, and it’s another nice mix, but it’s just so great to see any names confirmed that it might just be like opening a present on Christmas morning as an adult. It might just be socks, but dammit you NEED socks! Someone got you socks! (Please note that these names are way more exciting and cool than socks. I’m just bad at analogies.)

Say hello to Tessa Blanchard, the newly-rechristened Abbey Laith, Taynara Conti, Jazzy Gabert, and Kavita Devi. American indie wrestling fans are likely to be very familiar with Blanchard and Laith (the former Kimber Lee), and both have wrestled on NXT television several times. Jazzy Gabert has been wrestling for 15 years in Europe, and the German wrestler might be best known to fans by the name “Alpha Female.”

Conti hails from Brazil and is a 22-year-old Judoka, and has been at the WWE Performance Center since October. As for Devi, she is a former powerlifter who was trained in part by the Great Khali, and wrestles in India’s Continental Wrestling Entertainment. has in-depth profiles of each of the five women, so head over there to learn more about them.