Let’s Take A Look At Some Names Rumored For The Mae Young Classic

Mae Young Classic fever is sweeping the nation, and if you haven’t caught it yet, you will … soon. The WWE women’s tournament will begin taping in July and will be released on WWE Network beginning in August, all leading up to the live finale on September 12. Over the past year we’ve seen WWE sign what feels like every woman under the sun, and we know there are entire scores of women under contract who haven’t even been on NXT television yet.

In fact, it seems like at this point we know everything about the Mae Young Classic except for who’s actually going to be in it. And while we can make some fairly educated guesses as to a few names, there’s really no telling what the whole field will end up looking like. I mean, I don’t think anyone would have guessed “Sean Maluta” and “Da Mack” heading into the Cruiserweight Classic. (And I’m still mourning the loss of Zumbi, so don’t even get me started there.)

PWInsider Elite is reporting that much like the CWC, the current plan is to mix some independent talent with some underexposed NXT stars and a bevy of Performance Center signees. Again, we pretty much guessed at that, but Squared Circle Sirens was helpful enough to relay the names that PWI says are being rumored as part of the tournament.

Bianca Blair (who WWE is incredibly high on) leads the list of under-contract talent, along with NXT appearers Lacey Evans, Sarah Logan, Danielle Kamela, and Kimber Lee. Other names under contract reportedly earmarked for the tournament are Zhao Xia, Victoria Gonzalez, Mary-Kate, Taynara Melo, Demi Bennett, Kairi Hojo, Evie, Thea Trinidad, and Nixon Newell. Not to mention Kennadi Brink, who is likely going to be appearing as a referee for the tournament. Marti Belle and Mia Yim are not signed to contracts, but are currently expected to be part of the tournament.

That’s quite the batch of talent, and that wouldn’t even be the full field. Will there be any bombshell free agent surprises like we got in the CWC with Kota Ibushi and Zack Sabre Jr.? Only time will tell. But probably, yeah.