Matt And Jeff Hardy Reportedly Have Official Contract Offers From WWE

03.21.17 2 years ago 9 Comments

Since even before they finally parted ways with Impact Wrestling, it seemed likely that Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy would somehow wind up in WWE this year. They’re currently under what is believed to be a short-term contract to Ring of Honor (where they are the current tag team champs), and are newly engaged in a legal battle with Impact over the rights to the “Broken” characters that have made them such a sensation over the past year.

According to a report by Ryan Satin at Pro Wrestling Sheet, the Hardys supposedly have “official offers” on the table from WWE. if true, that would seem to indicate a return to WWE — and relatively soon — is more or less an inevitability. Satin goes on to speculate that given the legal situation with Impact, the Hardys are unlikely to come back to WWE as their full-on “Broken” characters … at least, not until this is all settled.

If the Hardys are under an actual contract with ROH and not just some sort of working agreement without a contract, it seems strange that WWE would extend an official offer to them at this point, because that would absolutely be construed as tampering, and according to an earlier report, ROH recently sent WWE legal letters related to potential tampering when it was believed WWE was talking to contracted Ring of Honor wrestlers.

At any rate, WWE clearly wants the Hardys, the Hardys clearly want to return to WWE, and their contracts are believed to be up right around WrestleMania. Game on, everyone.

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