WWE May Be Giving Up On The WWE App, Is Canceling All ‘Second-Screen’ Exclusives

Hey, have you downloaded the WWE App? It a whole new way to watch TV! It’s somehow been downloaded more times than the entire population of the United States! It’s an amazing, revolutionary, second-screen experience that you absolutely, positively must have! Wait, what’s that? WWE is canceling all second screen app exclusives? Huh.

Yup, the WWE App will no longer feature any exclusive photos, videos, interviews or show you what happens in matches during the commercial breaks. While WWE hasn’t announced that they’re discontinuing the App altogether, you have to believe that’s coming. Without the exclusive content, it’s just the thing you bring up to vote on whether you want Randy Orton’s match to be a Streetfight, No-DQ or Falls Count Anywhere.

According to WWE, they’re phasing out the App because…

“In this ever-changing digital landscape, more and more fans are turning to alternate ways to consume our content during programming. As such, and to keep pace with evolving times, WWE is discontinuing its second-screen experiences. Instead, your “second-screen” experience will continue to live on the platform of your choice, whether it’s WWE.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope and many others.”

Basically, WWE realized that people watching commercial break rest holds on their phone meant they weren’t tweeting/instagramming/periscoping/whateverthef*cking with their phones. Also, WWE already produces, like, a dozen hours of programming a week, so to heck with the App stuff that nobody really cared about.

The constant shilling of the WWE App has defined this era of wrestling almost as much as John Cena, PG-ratings or anything else. Could we be entering a brave, new, slightly less annoying, wrestling world? Hopefully, but for now, I think we all have to be there for Michael Cole…

via WWE