WWE May Be Restricting Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp Finisher Due To Head Injury Scares

According to WrestleZone (so take it for what you will), WWE is restricting Seth Rollins’ curb stomp due to concerns over concussions and head injuries:

WWE reportedly doesn’t want its top star to be doing that move every night and they also don’t want to be showing it in past clips or videos anymore. This is why last week on RAW when Rollins came out, the video which played during his entrance was primarily just graphics of his name. The normal entrance video for Rollins features a compilation of clips, several of which are him performing the curb stomp.

I get that WWE is protecting head injuries (while letting Daniel Bryan continue to do flying headbutts with a toothpick as a neck), but this is sort of silly. I’ve never seen the Curb Stomp and thought that it actually looked painful or dangerous. It doesn’t seem much worse than a DDT or simply slamming someone’s head on the mat.

Maybe John Stewart called and rigged the system. In the meantime, let’s look at this Curb Stomp tribute video.