Please Enjoy Mick Foley Learning How To Do Kicks With The Rockettes

Longtime fans of pro wrestling will likely be aware that WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has a borderline-unhealthy obsession with all things Christmas. This generally manifests in year-round Santa shirts and/or Santa cosplay, but it extends to all facets of the holiday, like his constant pilgrimages to Santa’s Village, as documented in his many autobiographies.

In case you’re not aware, Radio City Music Hall in New York City has presented a “Christmas Spectacular” show every year for 80-something years, featuring the world-famous Rockettes dancers, who of course are famous for their kick line. The real world is super weird.

Anyway, the Rockettes are synonymous with Christmas for a lot of people, which might explain why noted Christmas enthusiast Mick Foley and his Holy Foley co-star and daughter, Noelle, got a lesson in dance-kicking from said Rockettes. I mean, it’s as good an explanation as any.

Or maybe it’s just fun and bizarrely hypnotic to watch a guy with basically no cartilage left in his body attempt to do some extremely athletic kicks and dancing. He gives it his best possible try, considering he can no longer even do the Dude Love dance. He’s better at doing the Enzo dance than he is at doing the Rockettes kicks, but that isn’t saying much.

Oh, Mick. Why can’t you do more fun dancing and less tooth-losing yelling? Merry Christmas, everyone!