The March WWE Network Live Special Has A New Name And A Main Event

Late last year, WWE announced a pre-WrestleMania WWE Network live special for March 12 called “March To WrestleMania.” Get it? Because it’s March, and we’re almost to WrestleMania?

Apparently not everyone in the company loves ham-fisted puns, so the show has a new official name: WWE Roadblock.

No, not him.

Not him, either.

As you might’ve gathered from the graphic at the top of the page — or from watching Monday’s Raw — the Roadblock main event is set: Triple H will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose.

As we see it, there are two ways this can go. In the first (mostly likely) way, the match will give Triple H a title defense before WrestleMania, so he won’t just lose the belt to Roman Reigns in his first match as champ. Ambrose gets confirmed as Reigns’ little buddy and gets Fridged by Triple H to build drama for the WrestleMania main. In the other (far more interesting) way, WWE could be setting itself up for one of the most unpredictable WrestleManias ever. What happens if Ambrose wins? Does Ambrose vs. Lesnar become the main-event title match? Reigns vs. Triple H has a lot of personal animosity behind it, especially after H beat up Roman so badly he had to have reconstructive surgery. Does that match even need the WWE Championship? That’s probably never going to happen, but what if Reigns shows up at Roadblock and selfishly costs Ambrose the match? Does the WrestleMania main become a triple threat? Do we just combine both matches into a fatal fourway? Triple H has played that game before.

It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. Hopefully it goes somewhere other than, “Dean Ambrose never wins.” And maybe the Roadblock will show up.

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