WWE Has Purchased Yet Another Company’s Tape Library For WWE Network

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11.30.16 6 Comments

We all know that the programming on WWE Network is constantly shifting, and things are always being added to the massive media library available to subscribers. Of course we here at With Spandex are always watching WCW and NWA, but there’s also ECW, WCCW, and a bunch more to watch on the Network, with a lot of content yet to be uploaded. While WWE may have failed to obtain the TNA media library as had been heavily rumored, they aren’t finished obtaining content from other companies.

The latest library acquisition isn’t anywhere near as exciting as TNA, but it is still plenty intriguing. According to WWE Network News, WWE has purchased and has already taken ownership of the complete library for Heartland Wrestling Association from 2001 and 2002, amounting to 48 episodes of weekly programming, but possibly even more than that. During that time period, HWA served as one of WWE’s developmental promotions, and talent like John Cena, the Haas Brothers, Shannon Moore, D’Lo Brown, and Mark Jindrak all worked there, as well as people like Nigel McGuinness, Shark Boy, 3 Count, and Raven.

If you want to get a small sampling of the product from that time period, you can check out this YouTube list. One assumes the master tapes will be of a much higher quality than what’s on YouTube currently.

While “HWA episodes” may not blow your socks off, it’s a good sign that WWE isn’t about to sit pat on the completely enormous media library they’ve already amassed. They made a legitimate play for TNA’s library, and they have the money and an over-the-top distribution platform that will pretty much require them to seek even more content as long as WWE Network keeps going.

Now let’s snatch up all those World of Sport episodes, WWE! We need some hot Big Daddy action.

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