The Reason For The Delay In U.K. Indie Promotions Being Added To WWE Network

Way back a month ago, we brought you news that three different promotions from across the pond may soon be coming to WWE Network. An agreement with Scotland’s ICW was believed to already be a done deal, and an official announcement was expected at any time. Obviously, we’re still waiting.

In the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that Vince McMahon has already changed his mind several times regarding finalizing the deal, but the main hangup at the moment appears to be making sure that ICW has “their house in order” regarding copyrighted music and images, as well as any trademarks ICW need to lock down. Drew Galloway has already gotten new theme music made that will be exclusively for ICW and WWE Network use.

There is also the possibility that WWE might be waiting to make an announcement about their own weekly U.K. show (spinning off from the Championship Tournament) before officially welcoming outside companies to the Network.

So it certainly sounds like things are still moving forward, it just now appears the announcement wasn’t as immediately impending as the news first appeared to be. Fear not, friends. ICW will probably pop up on WWE Network at some point, allowing you to ascend Mustache Mountain as often as you want from the comfort of your own home.