Nikki Bella Credits Ronda Rousey As One Of Her Key Inspirations

11.07.16 1 year ago

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Ronda Rousey is back in the news for both the MMA and pro wrestling worlds, as she’s making her return soon at UFC 207. But she’s also said this is likely to be one of her past fights, as she’ll move on to other pursuits soon enough. Stephanie McMahon has gone on record as saying she hopes pro wrestling will be one of those pursuits, and that she’d love for WWE to sign her. But you might be a bit surprised that Rousey has also had a big impact on the stars of Total Bellas.

In a new interview with Sky Sports, Nikki and Brie Bella were asked which athletes inspire them most. Brie was most inspired by soccer heroes, but Nikki thinks “Rowdy” Ronda has had a big impact on how she looks at her own career.

Which women from other sports have inspired you over the years?

BRIE: Even though they have retired now [former American women’s soccer players] Mia Hamm and Carla Overbeck were great influences on us. We played soccer growing up and it wasn’t that big in the United States, but Mia and Carla made it something.

NIKKI: Ronda Rousey is definitely one – I find everything she has done in UFC so inspirational. Serena Williams is another – she reminds me of John Cena in a way, in that they have stayed on top of their game for so long and so many people still connect with them. She still blows my mind.

Serena reminds her of John Cena! That is just way too amazing. Of course, Nikki’s answer naturally led to the question of whether Rousey would be able to make the successful transition from MMA to pro wrestling.

Do you think Ronda Rousey to WWE is a natural progression? Stephanie McMahon wants it to happen.

BRIE: 100 per cent! She is a fan, first off, and the movements in the ring between UFC and WWE are the same.

You heard it here first: the movements between UFC and WWE are the the same! I guess it only works one way, though. Otherwise, those “movements” probably would have helped CM Punk and Kid Kash a lot more.

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