Here Are All The Things You Can Bet On During WWE No Mercy

Senior Editor, Sports
09.19.17 5 Comments

We’re here in the year 2017, and you can still place actual bets for real money on professional wrestling. Of course, thanks to one jerk big-winner insider, that reality may soon be going the way of the dodo, but for now, there are still sportsbooks out there that are perfectly willing to take your money if you want to put some down.

To wit: this Sunday’s upcoming WWE No Mercy pay-per-view. There are some big-time matches on that card (as WWE will gladly tell you), and bookies will hope to get some money off all you chumps before the late, smart money comes in. So if you’re gonna gamble, gamble early and often, I guess. (Note: please do not, in any way, take gambling advice from me, a man who writes for a pro wrestling website.)

As usual, the really fun stuff lies in the prop bets for the event, where you can bet on things like number of suplexes and whatnot. This is the future I envisioned back when I was watching All-American Wrestling on Sundays on the USA Network as a child. The future is … perfect.

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