WWE Has Reportedly Signed Former TNA And EVOLVE Wrestler Andrea

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12.19.16 4 Comments


Say, perhaps you have heard that WWE is doubling and tripling down on snapping up independent talent as they head into 2017, particularly in the women’s division. The UK Champion Tournament might be getting the bulk of the press right now, but the rumored/expected women’s tournament is not too far off. It looks like we can add at least one more name to that potential list of combatants.

The always-reliable Squared Circle Sirens is reporting that Andrea (real name MaryKate Glidewell) is the latest woman to get signed to a WWE developmental contract. She has most notably worked for TNA, EVOLVE, and SHINE, and is expected to report to the Performance Center soon.

Andrea had a WWE tryout last year and worked the October 22, 2015 NXT tapings against Emma, in a match that appeared on the November 18 episode, wrestling as “Mary Kate.” Hey, here’s the show recap of that! Read Brandon’s words on why you might know who Andrea is:

If you don’t recognize “Mary Kate” (sans Ashley), she’s indie wrestler “Andrea,” aka former unfortunate TNA joke Rosie Lotta Love. Yes, that’s the same person. She retired back in 2012 due to injuries but healed up and got her sh*t together and returned 127 pounds lighter last October. She looks GREAT, and adds some flavor to the role of “woman who’s gonna get sh*t-kicked and choked out by Evil Emma and her half-gloves.”

Note: Mary Kate also used to wrestle as “Betsy Ruth,” a sort of gluttonous female Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz. I’m into any gimmick partially inspired by The Warriors, especially if it revolves around the Baseball Furies. Bring her back in the Alpha Female version of that character and call her “Paula Goldschmidt.”

On a related note, we miss Emma. Andrea is also one of only like half a dozen women who shares a name with an MxPx song. So there are a ton of upsides here.
Check out a couple of Andrea’s recent matches below. One against independent favorite Santana Garrett, and a totally legal upload of her NXT bout against Emma from last year.

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