Asuka Has A Chance To Break Every NXT Championship Record, Ever

Just a little while ago, we brought you news that Asuka became the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion of all time, surpassing the mark set by the inaugural champ, Paige. Well, the most dangerous lingerie-wearer in the entire world held onto her title at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, and will likely keep it all the way through NXT TakeOver: Orlando during WrestleMania weekend.

Because she didn’t drop the Women’s Championship in San Antonio, she has now become the longest-reigning singles champion in NXT history, and the path is clear for her to become the longest-reigning champion of any kind, full stop.

She bypassed Finn Bálor’s longevity record as NXT Champion, which was 292 days (yes, Finn Bálor held the title for that long), and she has now passed Paige in both actual, literal days holding the Women’s Championship (274) and days that she held the title in television time (308). As of Monday, she has now held the belt 311 days and counting. So I guess Amber is the color of her energy.

If Asuka does indeed go into WrestleMania weekend as champion, win or lose, she will pass the Ascension’s record for holding the tag team titles. Their reign is recognized by WWE as being 344 days long, although in television time, it was 364 days between the airing of the episode where they captured the titles and the live TakeOver where they lost them.

Amazingly, NXT TakeOver: Orlando takes place on April 1, which is the exact date NXT TakeOver: Dallas took place. So Asuka is primed to have an exactly-one-year reign, and be the only NXT wrestler ever, male or female, to achieve that feat. Sure, there is still the number of reigns record in NXT (two), but we’d certainly never put it past Asuka to be able to break that record, too.

Oh yeah, and she’s still never lost a match since coming to the company.